Fourth Condo Proposed! Attend Preliminary Consultation 2117 Bloor Street West

Main and Main Developments has sent out an invitation (Preliminary Consultation Session- Notification Flyer – 2117 Bloor Street West) to attend a preliminary consultation session for a proposed redevelopment project at 2117 Bloor Street West (and 19 Harcroft Road). Details:

This is a meeting that our local councillor, Sarah Doucette, encourages developers to hold before submitting their application to the city. While the developers of 2265 Bloor Street West refused, it is helpful that Main and Main Developments will invest the time to share what is being proposed. This gives residents a preview of what is planned and the opportunity to provide some early input. Since the application isn’t submitted, city staff in attendance can only answer general questions. The proponent will answer questions about the proposal.

This is consistent with our expectation that developers will focus on Bloor West Village and create a Canyon of Condos.

Here is the proposed location. It is across the street from the proposed condo at 2114 Bloor Street West in the empty lot. Based on 19 Harcroft Road being in the project address, it is likely the developers intend on removing the house adjacent to the empty lot, potentially similar to the approach at 2265 Bloor Street West where a neighbourhood house is removed to make room for larger buildings that still technically meet the maximum criteria in the mid-rise guidelines. Attend the meeting to find out.

This brings the total number of proposed or approved developments in Bloor West Village to four:

  1. 1990 Bloor Street West [settled at OMB]
  2. 2114 Bloor Street West [paused by the Developer]
  3. 2665 Bloor Street West [community council voted to oppose at OMB; no date set]
  4. 2117 Bloor Street West [application not yet submitted]